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Style: Chill Out

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OUT 15.04.2002!

____ Max Melvin // Seaside

What do you need to make a perfect day?

Good weather, a good mood and some good music!

Well, we cannot guarantee the weather, but we definitely have something to offer as regards the other fun factors. Try Max Melvin’s debut album “Seaside” for instance. It’ll make you want to sit back and relax, but it also has this irresistible anti-snooze factor. “Seaside” lets you recuperate and puts you in a good mood.

Masterminded by producers Andreas Bruhn and Stefan Rekittke, “Seaside” is a true artist’s album. The two Hamburg residents combined their talents and ideas in order to create a musical experience that would be nothing like the stuff they did before. “This time, we wanted to come up with the kind of music we like to listen to ourselves, nothing more and nothing less,” explains Stefan. Inspired by styles as varied as jazz, ambient and classical music, Andreas and Stefan created a kaleidoscope of sounds, easy beats, smooth bass lines and wonderfully warm vocals – a fantastic journey through the melancholy of music.

The listener’s response may be described as pure pleasure. Take the Mediterranean-sounding “Sand”, for example, soon to be found in every Iberia Airlines passenger’s carry-on luggage. Or listen to “Flying High“, an imposing vocal track you just never want to end. Every song on the album creates a unique atmosphere, sometimes melancholy and sometimes cheerful, yet always emotional and perfectly arranged.

It may seem a bit odd that this kind of music should come from Hamburg, known to be a place in Germany where people are rather cool and distanced. Some had immediately attributed “Seaside” to a more ‘southern’ spirit.

One thing is for sure though: you can listen to Max Melvin anywhere, anytime. Come rain, shine or snowstorm, no matter if you’re in Germany or anywhere else in the world...


01 Sand 05:51
02 Sweet Elektra 06:57
03 Flying High 05:39
04 Sister Europe 06:16
05 Magnolia 05:44
06 Sometimes 07:11
07 Seaside 05:46
08 Subterrean 07:36
09 Whatever 06:36
10 Lo-Fi City 07:10
11 Sand (Reprise) 07:14

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