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Style: Lounge/Jazz

Out 21.05.2002!

____ Compendium // Moving

Music grows together... Compendium moves!

Starting like an excursion into the depths of the synthesizer, the record quickly develops into a trip through the history of sound and rhythm. Airy grooves guide you through a universe of sounds.

The Hamburg duo Compendium has set itself no musical limits. Fresh downbeats meet powerful big band passages, hectic congas collide with soft voices — Compendium create and fiddle around, not shying away from experimentation. The result is an album that both moves and touches you.

Some songs have an almost soundtrack-like feel (“Brandnew Start”), while others make you stop with their abstract beats and flowing melodies (“Shake”). Tremendous rhythms throw you down and then enthusiastic harmonies quickly lift you back up. Over and over again, Bruhn and Besler almost arrogantly allow elements of Jazz (“Moving”), Swing (“Don't You”) and House (“April Scans”) to flow in, uniting them in musical gems.

“Moving” is timelessly simple, but at the same time profound and stirring. An overwhelming spell cast on your ears — listen for yourself!


01. Infrequent Dub (06:22)
02. Whatever Comes (06:33)
03. Brandnew Start (05:30)
04. Adorable (05:16)
05. Breathing Space (06:16)
06. Easily (06:59)
07. Don't You (04:34)
08. Your Hands (04:14)
09. Moving (05:04)
10. April Scans (04:32)
11. Shake (07:42)
12. Phraseology (07:04)

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