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Style: Downbeat/Chill Out

Out 21.10.2002!

____ Nova June // Ground

What do you associate with Sweden? Ikea, pine furniture and vodka?

There is a lot more to it than that, the country does have more exciting export products. For instance, when you hear for the first time what the Swedes come up with during the long mid-summer nights in secluded wooden-panelled studios, you realise why they need their isolation most - to compose music.

In their project Nova June, Jan Derek and Norman Falk, two decent Scandinavian guys, have not just set themselves the goal of melting the Swedish ice. Music is universal, sounds have no single language. The two musicians have been working on the basis of this simple, but effective principle for seven years now. They originally worked separately, but then decided to join forces four years ago. Their experiences of music and composing seemed to bind together like fresh snow when they went into the studio together for the first time. They quickly became a team that not only composed and produced music for listeners as the Swedish film industry soon took notice of Nova June. Stockholm film producer Vilhelm Gunnarsson turned to Jan and Norman to produce the title song for his short film “Resor”. Music for the eyes.

You see immediately how well the music of Nova June interacts with moving pictures. Each individual track tells a story, sometimes sad, sometimes full of hope, but always with depth, a wealth of ideas and using well-worked sound creations. Music for the soul.

Electronic instruments are just as important as real instruments for the lads from Nova June. Sensitive string sequences alternate with synthetic chords, drifting sound layers are tied down by heart-rending vocal parts. Nova June know how to play with the listener’s feelings without hurting them and thus create a mood that you want to experience time and time again. You discover new elements, new harmonies, new sides to the album each time you repeat the tracks. Music as an accompaniment.

“Ground” is in no way down-to-earth, but at the same time not over-refined. “Ground” is unique, individual and remarkably different. So next time you relax with a glass of Absolut vodka in your Ikea armchair, think about Nova June...


01. Did It All Again (07:31)
02. Another Try (06:25)
03. Coming Home (06:24)
04. Twilight (08:01)
05. Nothing's Wrong (05:35)
06. Baby Baby (06:28)
07. Crystal (06:34)
08. Ground (06:03)
09. Turn It On (06:20)
10. Where It's At (05:55)
11. Beauty (07:15)

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