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Style: Brazil Lounge

Out 18.11.2002!

____ A Vida Azul // New Morning

Our journey around the world continues. Following Max Melvin’s “Seaside”, Compendium’s “Moving” and “Ground” from Nova June, Maxelect Records presents true fiery Latin-American rhythms.

If you ask yourself which two parts of the body are the most important for Brazilians, the head and hips will spring to mind. The head is used to think up wonderful music and at the same time realize it with great voices. Then a magical smile and bright eyes underline everything. The hips turn the exciting musical product into movement.

Brazil is bursting with joie de vivre as you cannot fail to hear in its fantastic music. Miguel Caveido and André Sousa, creators of the Brazil lounge masterpiece “New Morning", have set themselves the goal of conveying a new feeling of life while remaining faithful to their roots. Classic samba elements are mixed with modern electro sounds to concoct an unbelievable musical cocktail. Latin without a dull moment!

Tracks like “Eu Quero A Verdade” or “New Morning” prove that music can be like sex -not least due to the bewitching voices of the vocalists Clara Texeira, Carina de Jesus and Fatima Sousa .

Despite its temperament, this kind of music always feels laid-back and relaxed. Also, the Portuguese duo Miguel Caveido and André Sousa have impressively proven that it does not need to come straight from Brazil. The two producers are regular visitors to the carnival at the Sugarloaf Mountain and always return with loads of new impressions and influences. “The warm-hearted people, fantastic scenery and the mentality inspire us in our production work”, says Miguel. “If I hadn’t discovered music, I would have probably become a painter in order to process all of the impressions and influences from the country,” jokes the 27-year-old.

“New Morning” clearly proves the fact that music can also be a useful medium. Eleven songs that open horizons and somehow at the same time seem native. The two lads have definitely passed their “Latin exams” with flying colours.


01 intro 02:11
02 eu quero a verdade 06:09
03 new morning 06:00
04 voar 05:11
05 meu amor 05:05
06 nightflight 06:11
07 já é tarde 06:40
08 pedra fria 04:41
09 landslide 04:38
10 come together 04:56
11 porquê 05:53
12 bongo 05:02
13 outro 02:11

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