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Out 02.06.2003!

____ Dub Resistance // World Receiver

Dub Resistance, Christophe Levin and Alex Monnet, are two songwriters and producers from Marseilles. Together with singer Jah B they impressively show us that France also does not want break away from the influence of the Jamaican dub scene.

Dub Resistance, supported by singer Jah B and various female vocalists, use dub as a starting point for their ventures into a wide range of styles from house, lounge and dope beatz to melancholic dub reggae. Jah B., an original “toaster” and native Jamaican, ensures that the vocals are authentic.

Without a doubt the highlights on the 11-track album include the house-oriented “Electrified & Numb” alongside the relaxed “Take A Rock” and “Rubba Dub” with its raw vocal lines.

The protagonists have indeed managed to combine traditional dub sounds with all kinds of wonderful ingredients from electronic music.


01 Take A Rock 06:23
02 Rubba Dub 05:40
03 Get On Board 05:36
04 Feel Dub 05:42
05 Ridin 05:48
06 Electrified & Numb 03:49
07 Dub Resistance 06:00
08 Hide Away 04:25
09 Run For Cover 05:18
10 Down The Drain 03:51
11 World Receiver 06:25