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Out 15.03.2003!

____ Field // Cocoon

Field are sound wizard, trumpeter and producer Uwe Haas plus drummer and producer Sven Kacirek. Backed up by jazz double bassist Jo Huth, they perform live in the classic, well-tried trio format.

Uwe Haas first started to fully dedicate himself to music at the end of his twenties. Since then, he has provided the soundtracks for numerous documentary films, including the 2002 Grimme prize nominee “Apocalypse Vietnam” (Arte).
Before founding the band field with Kacirek, Haas released the trip hop-oriented album “Simply Travelling Around Reality” under the name “S.T.A.R.” (Out To Lunch/Freibank) and produced numerous remixes, including tracks for Hippie House.

Sven Kacirek studied at the Hamburg Academy of Music and Theatre, at Drummers Collective in New York and at the Arnhem School of Music (Netherlands). In 1999, he broke off his music studies, moved to Hamburg and, from then on, worked on a purely acoustic version of programmed drum’n’bass grooves. In 2000, he published the book “Drum’n Bass — Creative Concepts For Drummers” (KDM/Alfred Publishing) as well as two sample CDs for Masterbits and Framerecords. In 2000 and 2001, he performed at the renowned World Drum Festival.

Johannes Huth studied at the Hamburg Academy of Music and Theatre. After his studies he worked on various international live and studio productions with amongst others Dominique Horwitz, Ulrich Tukur, André Eisermann, Youris Efim and Etta Scollo.

Martin Hornung studied at the Arnhem School of Music and at the Hamburg Academy of Music and Theatre with D. Glawischnig.
In 2002, Hornung received a DAAD grant and is currently studying at Queens College in New York.

Field’s debut album “Cocoon” skilfully steers listeners through a wide range of electronic music styles. Combining the different influences of the artists who contributed to the sound, this album is truly exciting. Each track has its own style, but all of them tell a very unique story.


01. Talk (05:44)
02. Yellow Chalk (04:19)
03. Love By Figures (06:57)
04. Two Sisters (05:48)
05. Lost Again (05:58)
06. Gaijin I (05:24)
07. Endlessly Revolving (05:12)
08. Circles (02:08)
09. Out Three (06:25)
10. Stretch Your Hands Out (06:00)
11. Monkey Blow (05:58)
12. Years Ago (06:29)

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