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Out 02.06.2003!

____ Max Melvin // Satellite

Time to Relax

It is not very often that the massive lounge and chill-out scene produces artists that are able to develop the potential and qualities to make an album. This is definitely true of Max Melvin, however.
Max Melvin are back with their second long player “Satellite”. And, when you hear this excellent eleven-track course in relaxation therapy, you will probably think the producers Andreas Bruhn and Stefan Rekittke are the most relaxed people in the world. The two guys from Hamburg don’t seem to know the meaning of rush and stress.

As on the previous album “Seaside”, their songs are stripped down to the basic components: smooth beats, relaxed sounds and great voices which casually enchant listeners in an unbelievable way. Anastasica is again mainly responsible for the vocals. She really knows how to take listeners on a tremendous journey.
Also on “Satellite”, even though you do notice a few parallels with the debut album “Seaside”, you can definitely hear how Max Melvin have progressed musically. The new album is clearly more song-based, features great arrangements and some exciting production work.

One foot in the past, one in the future — that is Andreas’ and Stefan’s musical motto. Always “one step ahead” in terms of sound, but without losing sight of their “roots”.


01 All Fades 05:49
02 Come Along 05:38
03 My Hands 07:10
04 Earth Inside 06:49
05 Freeze 06:02
06 Slowburn 06:54
07 Orpheus 06:55
08 Satellite 05:29
09 Orange Trust 06:53
10 Insider 05:39
11 Event 05:41

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