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Out 18.08.2003!

____ FIELD // Trespass

Hamburg project FIELD has completed its second album. Based around producer and sound wizard Uwe Haas, who is responsible for programming, trumpet, keyboards and vocals, the core of the FIELD line-up is formed by top international professional musicians - Sven Kacirek (drums), Johannes Huth (double bass), Martin Hornung (keyboards), Muriel Zoe Borchert (vox) and Kimken (electronics).

The FIELD sound is defined by the many musical facets and international backgrounds of the musicians. Producer Uwe Haas has worked in various band projects since the mid-nineties, including S.T.A.R., and has composed and produced music for numerous television and cinema films. Drummer Sven Kacirek studied music in New York, Arnhem (NL) and Hamburg and, among other things, is the author of the book “Drum’n Bass - Creative Concepts For Drummers” (KDM).

Johannes Huth, double bass, studied at the Hamburg Academy of Music and Theatre under Dieter Glawischnig and is involved in productions with the NDR Big Band and various music theatre productions.

Martin Hornung studied piano in Arnhem (NL) and Hamburg, also under Dieter Glawischnig, and has since been working on various studio productions, among others for Club Continental and Bullit. Vocalist Muriel Zoe Borchert, who grew up in India and speaks several languages, works as a songwriter and guitarist and has already worked on band projects in the singer/songwriter and jazz fields.
Mastering engineer Kimken lives in Tokyo.

FIELD immediately scored a hit with their first release “StretchYour Hands Out” in 2000 and have also caused a stir outside Germany. The album “Cocoon” was released in the following year and became equally successful.

FIELD then spent 2002 developing their second album and the results will be released at the start of August. The new album “Trespass” is definitely more song-based compared with its predecessor, however, it does not lack experimental structures, tunings and beats. Cracking electro sounds are combined with bowed double bass runs, percussive beats are fusioned with flowing brush grooves and free, openly improvised structures form a very unusual entity with fast pulsating 1/4 bass drums.


01 In The Woods 05:40
02 April Sunday 04:47
03 Xile 04:44
04 This Place 05:38
05 Heavenly 05:22
06 Sidsel 06:20
07 First Beginning 03:39
08 Slowdown 05:32
09 Cycle 04:59
10 Moving 01:29
11 Stay 05:29
12 Sit Back 05:03