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Out 03.01.05!

____ Blackfish // Hidden Shore

Maximilian Lopp and Andreas Bassermann have been keeping their fans and friends waiting for a new work from the Blackfish forge for almost two years now. These have been two years without atmospheric trip hop, profound downbeat and electronic jazz. It seems like ages have past since the first Blackfish album “Pole Navigation” made its mark.

But if you ask the artists, the long period between the debut and the new long player seems to have been planned. They needed the time to release themselves from their bonds so they could work more freely. “Hidden Shore”, the result of the well-earned, but still very busy break, is certainly impressive. Distancing themselves from conventional chill-out productions and synthetic Ibiza compilations, Blackfish play with sounds and loops, use unusual voices and sounds that form an extremely aesthetic pattern and leave the listener silently crying for more. Perhaps it would be best to call the music advanced chill-out as the influences from jazz and blues along with the sometimes abstract sounds, which are reminiscent of Björk or Massive Attack, seem to break the otherwise subtle harmonies without destroying them.

Artists like MC Santana, J. Peter Schwalm and DJ Double D. definitely share the responsibility for the new direction taken by Blackfish. Their style was obviously injected into “Hidden Shore” during their collaboration. This record features twelve songs that not only feel like individual tracks, but also tell a wonderful story in the overall context. It only remains to hope that Blackfish will not keep us waiting again for so long...

1.Lost 07:46
2.Move On 05:13
3.Infinite 06:20
4.Corazon De Oro 06:33
5.Intermission 01:39
6.Bondi Beach 05:42
7.Watch Ya Wayz 04:12
8.Cerebro 07:38
9.Roots 02:50
10.Worth Fighting For 05:22
11.Together 04:50
12.Hidden Shore 05:09