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Out 03.01.05!

____ Noah // Charisma

A chill-out veteran – is there such a thing? Can you talk of a pioneer if something is still going through a pioneering stage? One thing is certain, Jens Buchert alias Noah is one of the prime movers when you look at the different facets of chill-out music. Jens Buchert is responsible for the down-tempo and ambient hype that has been on the scene for several years now.

It is not surprising then that Noah has contributed to the most important compilations in this genre. From Space Night, Les Ambassadeurs, Art Of Listening to Ibiza Chillout and Café del Mar – Noah is part of the standard repertoire. His productions are used by many young producers as a benchmark or as a reference work for chill out. Now he is about to release a new album called “Charisma”. The title is certainly fitting as he seems to have laid down his complete life in music on a CD. Perhaps an autobiography? Or is he just telling somebody else’s story? However, even without the story, “Charisma” would be very enjoyable. Classic ambient elements have been carefully combined with fresh beats from hip hop and jazz as well as great pop attitude and shaped into a musical nameplate on which “NOAH” is written in capitals.

Thirteen tracks that let yesterday, today and tomorrow gently fly past you. You may occasionally stop to shiver or let out a relaxed sigh, but at the end you will feel great. Thank you Noah!


1.Keep on running
4.In cerca
5.Found land
11.110 Avenue
12.Luna 2